dreaming of TED

I catch myself longing to attend this conference for a few years now. If you don’t know what TED is all about, just visit www.ted.com and watch some of the presentations that are given there.
Apart from the fact that it is bloody expensive (6.000 USD) to attend, and that you have to apply to even be allowed to buy a ticket (it is quite overrun, this TED) – There are still many things on my list that I have to spend 6.000 bucks on, before there is free money for even trying to be accepted. I might have to make it a goal, rather than a dream, to attend TED in one of the coming years. As the saying goes – “goals are dreams with deadlines”.

New address, new job, new telephone number!

A lot has changed since my last post…

Desiree and I moved into a lovely apartment, the new address is:

Florian Hollender
Ernst-Thälmann-Platz 1
20251 Hamburg

And I also joined a new company in March – SCHICKLER Unternehmensberatung. I am staying in the consulting world, but I am now focusing on the media industry exclusively. It is a boutique firm – just about 50 colleagues – with its headquarter in an old woodframe house two streets away from the town hall in Hamburg. Hence I also got a new phone number! You can now reach me at

+49 (0) 178 3866524.


Other people don’t update their personal blogs either!

Found this one today: http://sorry.coryarcangel.com/ – An aggregation of blog entries from all over the world where people apologize for not having posted anything in a while. Awesome, and actually quite entertaining.
If you want to read some more _from_ me, not _about_ me, you can of course have a look over at the KillerConsultant, or wait until my new blog project is worth mentioning… (yeah, you heard that right!)

Read it later… 800 items now.

The count of my “read it later” list (you find this nifty tool here: http://readitlaterlist.com/) has just reached 800 items. This means that 800 times, I have come across a website and decided that I can’t read it right then and there – reasons being to avoid being further distracted and focus on work, or because there is other stuff I’d rather do, or because it isn’t important yet but might be later and is worth saving. Anyhow. 800 items, which all at some point in time had some importance.

With my Google Reader (which routinely gives me the “1000+” unread items, due to a whole lot of blogs I subscribe to), it is as easy as click “mark all as read” when I want to start over with the intentional information overload – but here, I might just have to reserve an hour or two and sort through the 800 items, to weed out what I don’t need anymore.

Attention really is the new currency.

Download chapter 1 of “Night without Marie”

I’ve started writing again in the last weeks – writing for myself. Writing longer passages of text just for the sake of it, preparing to write more, to write prose, to write something that others might enjoy reading in the end.

Today I’m taking it to the next stage – publishing something small. It is a first try, please be gentle. So far only this exists, it is a first draft of a first chapter. There could be more. Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d appreciate it.

DOWNLOAD: Night without Marie – Chapter 1 (PDF)